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Download the Bridging Vat Property Developers Guide

Having seen a sharp increase in the adoption of our funding product within the development sector we have produced a Bridging Vat guide for property developers who are purchasing a commercial site where VAT has been elected.

The guide can be downloaded from our website by clicking on the link below.

The guide provides information about the structure of our loans, how the loan process works and the key benefits for property developers when including a Bridging Vat loan in their funding mix.

Bridging Vat advance short term loans to fund 100% of the VAT due on commercial property purchases; unlocking valuable capital that would otherwise be tied up with HMRC.

Managed by chartered accountants and debt advisory professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the UK property sector, Bridging Vat are a specialist lender providing a unique level of expertise in both the funding and recovery of VAT.

If you are purchasing a commercial site where VAT has been elected and would like to receive a detailed Bridging Vat loan illustration, please contact us on 01206 645050 or email


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