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October 2019 non-residential transactions are 4.8% higher than October 2018

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

According to the latest stats from HMRC, October saw 10,960 non-residential property transactions. This number of transactions is 4.8% higher than October 2018 and 13.6% higher than September 2019.

However, despite this apparent increase year to date non-residential transactions have decreased compared to the 3 previous years. That said, they are higher than 6 of the previous 10 years.

Chart 7, shows non-residential property transactions year-to-date comparison (2010 -11 to 2019-20)

Following a generally upward trend in transactions from late 2013 until early 2016, non residential transactions have plateaued over the past couple of years. The seasonal non-residential pattern generally features a low point at the start of the year, with a corresponding peak each March as the financial year ends.

The full HMRC UK Property Transactions Statistics for October 2019 can be found here.

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