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How much can I borrow?
Our loans range from £50,000 to £10,000,000 and we fund 100% of the VAT required.

Who do you lend to? 
We lend to Limited companies (SPVs) that are purchasing a commercial property. 

How long does it take to organise the loan?
We can move within 5 working days for a time-critical completion, but the more notice we have the better. 

What type of security will the loan be secured against? 
We take a second charge over the property being purchased behind any senior debt, a debenture and personal guarantee.

Are there any upfront fees to pay? 
There are no fees for an illustration or formal offer, but if you want to advance with the loan, then there is a loan processing fee to be paid. 

What costs are involved in having a VAT bridging loan?
Apart from the loan processing fee, there is a facility fee, daily interest and legal fees. 

What properties do you lend on? 
We lend on any commercial property or site that is opted to tax and will not be a transfer of a going concern. We do not lend on residential properties.

Who might use a VAT bridging loan? 
Any client that has a VAT obligation on a purchase of commercial property, and does not want to tie their own capital up with HMRC for an unspecified amount of time.

I am at my maximum loan to value (LTV), can I still take a loan to bridge the VAT?
Yes, we recognise the inherent security of recovery from HMRC and base our loans on that rather than the property value. 

I already have the money set aside for the VAT, why should I bridge it instead?
We have many repeat customers that prefer to retain their own capital, rather than tie it up at HMRC. This can then be used to secure other opportunities, commence on site quicker or be a contingency for any unexpected costs.  

Do I have to chase HMRC for the recovery? 
No, Bridging Vat are experts in VAT recovery and offer a completely hands off solution. 

How do I get an illustration? 
contact us either by phone or email with the property details, and one of our expert team will have an illustration for you within an hour.


“Bridging Vat provide a fast, responsive service, both before completion and afterwards in the recovery of the VAT. I would not hesitate in working with Bridging Vat again.”

Nigel Griffin - Managing Director

Waterfields Hotel


Case study image Birmingham.png


Net Advance £600k

For Property Developer


Advancing 100% of the VAT due on the purchase of a commercial building with permission to demolish and rebuild 68 one and two bedroom apartments and 2 commercial units.

Case study image Essex.png


Net Advance £500k

For Property Developer


Advancing 100% of the VAT due on the purchase of bare land for residential development.

Case study image London.png


Net Advance £2.0m

For Property Developer


Advancing 100% of VAT due on the purchase of commercial building with permission to demolish and redevelop new commercial property.

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