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Bridging Vat joins property group Qandor

We are delighted to announce that Bridging Vat has become a member of property networking group Qandor. Qandor is an élite community for business owners, entrepreneurs and investors in real estate and construction.

By becoming a member of Qandor, we will have the opportunity to work with like minded businesses, of the highest calibre in the property industry, to share resources, experience, knowledge and contacts to further our growing business.

Ben Funnell, Director of Bridging Vat states, “As we continue to create awareness of our VAT funding product to the property development sector, Bridging Vat are looking to build longstanding relationships with knowledgeable, successful and experienced property professionals. Joining Qandor provides a great opportunity to do so given that the calibre of its members is extremely impressive. We have already seen immediate value in joining and are looking forward to collaborating with Qandor members over the coming months.”

Matthew Siddell of Qandor also commented “We are thrilled to welcome Bridging Vat to our exclusive property development group. Members are carefully selected to ensure they are able to build meaningful relationships with businesses of the highest standard. We believe Bridging Vat to be a good fit for our community, and by becoming a member of Qandor, they will be able to collaborate and work with the very best professionals in the property development industry whilst we help them raise their profile.”

Bridging Vat are a specialist lender advancing short terms loans for the VAT due on commercial property purchases. If you have a commercial development and would like further information on how Bridging Vat can help, please contact us on 01206 645050 or email


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