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Bridging Vat share a unique insight into structuring the funding mix

Bridging Vat had a fantastic day sponsoring and presenting at the 2019 Commercial Developer Conference earlier this month.

Property investors and developers descended on the Hilton, near Tower Bridge for a day packed with speakers and networking opportunities. Tower Bridge is well known for being at the centre of a property deal controversy when in 1968 many believed that the American, McCulloch thought he was purchasing Tower Bridge as opposed to London Bridge.

Commercial Developer's Conference
Mike Underwood presenting at The Commercial Developer Conference

Luckily 50 years on, things were less controversial when we met many of our fellow industry colleagues. Bridging Vat’s Mike Underwood, gave a thought provoking presentation on why developers need to have Bridging Vat in their funding mix.

Having had a very busy 6 months, we were able to share interesting case studies on where Bridging Vat has become a deal enabler, helping developers get projects over the line with this innovative funding solution.

There was particular interest from investors and developers that our loans are based not upon LTVs, but against the inherent security of the HMRC recovery. As a result Bridging Vat loans are very accessible and are fast becoming a regular piece of the funding mix for commercial developers.

The event was well attended with a diverse range of speakers making the day a highly engaging event full of debate.

Thank you to Mark Stokes and EquaGroup for hosting the event, we now have a busy time ahead following up with the great contacts we made and are already looking forward to next year’s event.

If you were unable to join us at the conference but would like to find out more, or would like further information on how Bridging Vat can help fund your next commercial property purchase, please contact us on email at or by telephone on 01206 645 050.


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